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The Data for Resilient Cities podcast series by the Center for Applied
Geomatics (CAG), CRDF in collaboration with CODATA was launched on 15th
October 2020.  New Episodes were released fortnightly, the series had 12
episodes, which took a deep dive in understanding the role of data in
making cities resilient.  The series offered a rich collection of
conversations, case studies and audio essays. 24 eminent thinkers,
practitioners, public decision-makers, and policy advocates joined the
podcast series.  Each episode focused on a different of aspects from the
spectrum of data for cities.  Each episode is in its own, a source of
knowledge, in understanding a subject related to leveraging data practices
for building resilient cities.

>From data-driven policies for built environment to open data in urban
sustainability, the podcast series delved into understanding complex data
pathways.  In one of the episode, the two speakers, Dr. Dileep Mavalankar,
Director, Indian Institute of Public Health, discusses the role of data in
COVID responses, with Prof. Viriginia Murray, Head of Global Disaster Risk
Reduction at Public Health England. In another episode, Stephen Passmore,
CEO, Resilience Brokers and Loveleen Garg, Asst. Vice President and Head,
Planning, Gujarat International Finance Tec-City, India discuss the
importance of having cross-domain integration for making cities
infrastructure resilient.  The series also shed light on how data has
proven to be an urban nervous system during the pandemic.  In the episode
on ‘Using Big Data to Predict Natural Disasters’, the two speakers C.K.
Koshy, CRDF and Dr. Bapon (SHM) Fakhruddin, Tonkin & Taylor Limited, New
Zealand  discussed the theoretical framework for Disaster Management.

We are happy to inform that the podcast series recorded 1,291 plays from
its beginning till its final episode, released on 15th May 2021.  Listeners
from India, United States, Germany, France, United Kingdom, and many other
countries, tuned into the podcast series. After India, the greatest number
of plays (189) was captured from the United States.  The podcast series
also reached countries such as Ecuador, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Islamic
Republic of Iran, Kenya, Mexico, and many more.

If you have not been able to catch up with the series please check out the
episodes on https://crdf.org.in/podcast/data-for-resilient-cities or you
can listen to it podcast apps at /DataforResilientCities



Dear Anita Say Chan, Ambassador to the DRUM Task Group from the Society for
Social Studies of Science, 4S,

The present is a polite reminder of the request contained in the message
below.  We will be very grateful if you could complete the short
questionnaire on the use of units of measure in various research domains.

The entry for 4S may be found in the Google doc at
alternatively you may use the word doc attached.

A number of international Scientific Unions and Societies have completed
the questionnaire and you may wish to peruse their entries for guidance.
We believe the eight questions of the survey should only take 20-30 minutes
to complete.  It would help us enormously if you could complete this by
Friday 4 June.

With very best wishes,


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