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Dear Colleagues,

Sofie Quist, Project Officer with Nourish Scotland and member of our Working Group has asked us to pass this on to you all.

The Glasgow Food and Climate Declaration, led by Nourish Scotland and IPES-Food, offers an important opportunity for local and sub-national governments and organisations to renew and share their commitment to tackling the climate emergency using an integrated food policy approach. The Declaration represents a timely call to action ahead of the COP26 for national governments to take a food systems approach to the climate emergency.

The Declaration partnership invites local and subnational governments to join Glasgow, Paris, Scotland, São Paolo, New Haven and 40 other local and subnational government bodies who have signed the Declaration and added their voice to the call to put food and local actors at the heart of global climate action. Civil society organisations, research institutions and other non-government organisations are invited to add their voice to the Declaration as  both partners and supporters.

Find out more and get involved here: https://www.godan.info/news/glasgow-food-and-climate-declaration

Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions,


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