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Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to bring you news of the next in the series of UK Food Poverty Webinars, covering another aspect of the topic.

Milly Carmichael has done significant work around both the semantics of food insecurity, and looking at food systems and insecurity from a holistic, "whole system" perspective.

Wednesday 30 June at 12h00 BST (13h00 CEST)
**CLICK HERE TO REGISTER AND FIND OUT MORE**<https://www.godan.info/events/whole-systems-approach-food-insecurity-alleviation>

[A Whole Systems Approach to Food Insecurity Alleviation.png]

In the UK, as in many modern economies, there is a dynamic tension between the two very current and pressing parallel issues of household food insecurity and wasted food. In many ways the current system often attempts to mutually solve, or at least alleviate, one with the other and this is neither sustainable nor desirable. Milly, in her work with Somerset County Council in the UK, is taking a progressive approach in the intersection between food production, food poverty alleviation, adequate nutrition and environmental concerns.

This presentation is designed to stimulate thinking on the relationships between these issues, the importance of the language we use to describe them and the very real need to work towards decoupling them from each other to prevent embedding them in a cycle of mutual assurance. We will consider the role of food overproduction and ask whether it matters more to the  food economy that food is sold rather than eaten.

Let us know if you have any questions,


Kathryn Bailey
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Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN)

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