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The World Bank Social Contract for Data

". the social contract for data set out in the WDR 2021 goes further. In
order to maximize the potential of data, we need to do more with them. 

Different data-creating and data-using parties need to collaborate, and have
a way to do so safely. 

At the same time, the opportunities that data create should be accessible to
all people in all countries, and not just confined to a few.


Data governance is how we make the ideas behind the social contact tangible.
The social contract for data isn't simply a list of rules, but a way of
approaching data, to make sure they benefit those who need it most. It is
fundamentally built on people, working toward a common goal.


However, bringing it to life starts with laws and regulations. 

This is not only to protect users from the potential harms of data, but also
to inspire greater good to come out of them, by enhancing transparency,
regulating market competition, and mandating collaboration."



Download 350 pages full report:





Details available for download from World Bank Data Catalog:

Datasets, Indicators, Visualizations






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