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Dear Dr Hu,
My apologies in misspelling your name in my last message. My iPad autocorrected and I missed it!

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Dear all,

Data ethic is a prerequisite for people or institutions to use research data. In the past few years, we often come across data ethical issues. With the rapid increase of data volume, and the rapid development and application of artificial intelligence, the issue of data ethics is becoming increasingly prominent, and those issues have become obstacles to open data practices under FAIR principle, so I want to propose a CODATA Task Group about Data Ethic.

I am from Computer Network Information Center (CNIC) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) , and Worked in the field of scientific data management and sharing for nearly 20 years.

Data Ethic Task Group’s Objective is to develop a common understanding of concept and content of data ethic, and to release General Data Ethical Principles and CODATA Data Ethic Framework which promote appropriate judgments and accountability when managing or using data under FAIR principle, then promote it in some countries supported with AI solutions.

Any colleague interested in this job is welcome to contact me within 2 days, and my email is hull at cnic.cn.

Best Wishes.

Hu Lianglin

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